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29 July 2014 @ 08:44 pm
Hi everyone! After a long and successful run, rocksalt-recs is sad to announce it is shutting down starting August, as the mods are incapable of running the community anymore.

We'd like to thank all of our past participants and mods for making the community such a treasure trove. All the recs and links will remain open -- we won't be deleting anything.

If you would like to mod the community, please send a PM to the mod account.

Thanks again,
the mod team
29 July 2014 @ 12:04 am
Here's the monthly round-up for June! Thank you, reccers! Also, I'm so sorry about being so late!
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16 July 2014 @ 12:37 pm


Title: Road to Shambala
Writer: astolat
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]none
Length: 6,095~
Summary: The Yellow-Eyed Demon is gone, Sam still has visions, and a 'good' witch is calling them down to Louisiana for a case. Once there, Sam drags Dean off to New Orleans for a much needed break and to get things out in the open between them.
Reccer's notes: Another one of my favourite writers of Sam/Dean. She can do it all so deftly – humour, angst, scorching sex, believable banter, and pitch perfect character portrayals. This combines all of the above in a wonderful case-and-vacation fic
[Short excerpt]

They bedded down on the two big velvet couches slowly dying in Martinique's living room, kitty-corner to one another. She gave them pillows and blankets and left a charm-candle on the coffee table to keep off the ghosts, then turned off the lights and went upstairs. One of the cats that wandered in and out of the house jumped onto Dean's back as soon as he'd gotten settled down just right, and refused to get no matter how he tried to twitch it off.

"Fuck it," he said, giving up, and let his head thump back down. The cat purred victoriously.

He was drifting off to the sounds of the old creaky house when out of the dark, Sam said softly, "Dean, I'm not going anywhere."

And there it was again, that was his goddamn cue to say It's okay. You don't have to stay. Dean kept his mouth shut and pretended to be sleeping.

10 July 2014 @ 06:39 pm

[ challenges ]

Title: and we will possess
Writer: [archiveofourown.org profile] Dayadhvam
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Amelia Novak, Claire Novak, Castiel
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]loss of faith, aftermath of posession
Length: 5k
Summary: Amelia stopped praying, among other things.

Reccer's notes: I don't believe I've ever before read a fic about Amelia Novak picking up the pieces, but this is a lovely one. She is angry and bitter and scared and just trying to make do. There's some gorgeous language in here, too.

[Short excerpt]In her daughter’s eyes the innocence had been stripped bare to gleaming white bone, picked clean by demons and baked hard by the scathing glory of heaven.
10 July 2014 @ 07:53 pm


Title: Epilogue
Writer: Jayne L
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Cas/Dean/Castiel, Sam, Bobby, Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]major character death, End!verse, drug and alcohol abuse, non-explicit torture, threesome--if that's a warning
Length: 27,724 words
Summary: Bobby is here, swearing somewhere above and behind him; and Dean is here, talking about 2014 like it's a foreign country; and Sam is here, and is not Lucifer. Which means--
Cas is no longer when he was. Lucifer sent him back.

Coda to 'The End'.

Reccer's notes: This is a totally gorgeous piece of writing.  Cas's inner monologue is brutally, fatally self-aware, and also quite blind about some very important things.  Castiel's response to his older self is perfect.  All the characterizations are great.  There's sex, and it's scorching hot, but that's not the really important part; what matters is how Dean has shaped Cas without even realizing it.  And the end, while bittersweet, is the only possible end.

[Short excerpt]

Dean's presence has much the same effect. Cas wakes to it; he basks in it. This is Dean as he was, Dean from before, in his own here-and-now, and so much better for it. At Chitaqua, this Dean's pre-war soul had been so out of context that Cas could barely look at him, despite wanting to very much. He stares now, greedily.

Dean blinks, taken aback by either the level of detail in his answer or his naked gaze, Cas isn't sure which. Both possibilities make him grin, even as Dean schools his expression and squares himself up. "You know when you are?"

"I suspect it's 2009." His gaze flickers down Dean's throat, and finds a conspicuous lack of amulet. "Late summer, at the earliest."

"You know how you got here?"

That punctures him. After everything Dean did to get his shot on the devil, Cas must now admit to having benefitted--presumably--from Dean's failure. His skin prickles with shame, which is ridiculous. This isn't even that Dean. Yet. "Yes."

09 July 2014 @ 09:45 am


Title: Last Day on Earth
Writer: candle_beck
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]not a death fic
Length: 13,054~
Summary: The boys believe Sam has a day left on earth after an attack by a creature whose venom shows no symptoms until you drop dead, and for which there is no known cure. Just how would Dean and Sam handle that? Where would they go? What would they do?
Reccer's notes: In the hands of the great candle_beck this is an amazing white-knuckle ride. She writes them so true to canon it hurts – in a totally good way. It’s the Sam/Dean version of that 24-hour-to-live hurt/comfort episode we are all due before the show ends. The POV is Dean’s, and he is especially raw and achingly Dean-like in how he handles – or doesn’t handle – the situation. You truly feel his desperation and panic build as the clock ticks. It could easily have been a cliched first-time story, but it’s simply not. It’s intense, powerful, and still manages unexpected moments of levity, especially from Sam. And the ending will have you holding your breath, word by word...

[Short excerpt] "Goddamn it." Five miles from the county line and they should really put states behind them, what with the damage they did to the college, what with Sam being repeatedly thrown into walls and all. Fuck it, these sleepy backwoods cops aren't gonna be able to get their shit together for at least twelve hours and Dean needs to get Sam stripped to the skin and cleaned, clean. Topical exposure to tsukiji poison can get bad if it's left to sit, and if it gets in his blood, if he's cut--it's a day, a day tops.

Dean isn't thinking about it. He rolls his window down with uneven yanks, flails his arm around over the seat to get at Sam's window crank too, and the rain lashes in. It patters all across the leather, flesh-like sounds that have Dean wincing because his car, but okay, he's got his priorities mostly in order.


Title: On the Eve of Destruction, With this Righteous Man
Writer: pennydreadful
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean/Cas
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]None
Length: 6,973 words
Summary: The world is ending again and Cas is still a virgin. Time for some de-hymenating.

Reccer's notes: Plot, canonical angst, intensely in-character everyone, and scorching hot sex--what's not to like? Also, Cas trying to figure out how this human sexuality thing works, Dean not talking about his feelings, and some really, really great visuals.  It's not perfect--the author has fallen victim to the odd delusion that Castiel never uses contractions.  But that's really the worst thing I can find to say about it.  Read it, you'll like it.

[Short excerpt]"The last time the world was ending," Cas said, "you were so insistent I must not die a virgin you attempted to orchestrate fornication between a woman of ill repute and myself."

Dean smirked, closed his eyes, and nuzzled into the pillow. "Yeah, that sounds like me."

"Do you not recall?"

"I do. It was just a…never mind." He opened his eyes. "Was that the question?"

"I am still a virgin."

"That sucks. I don't think we have time to visit another den of iniquity, though. Nevada is kind of in the opposite direction from where we're going."
03 July 2014 @ 03:01 pm


Title: Hemingway Never Slept Here
Writer: Maygra of maygra_fic
Alternate links: at Maygra’s SPN Fiction
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: Mature
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]None
Length: 3,838
Summary: Dean and Sam hole up by the sea in North Carolina for a while so Sam can switch his dolphin brain off and Dean can steal all the pillows..
Reccer's notes: A classic from the early days of fandom from one of the best writers there ever was in Supernatural. This is part 4 of her “Open Road” series, but does stand alone. All you need to know is that Sam sees spirits or ‘shades’ and needs a break every once in a while. This has quietly protective Dean, and such a sense of setting that you can almost taste the salt in the air, feel the night breeze, and see the turtles Dean tries to use to get Sam to stay longer. Maygra’s style sweeps you in instantly. There is a kind of throwaway poetry to it; never pretentious, always vivid, and her Sam and Dean never sound anything less than perfectly canon to me.
[Short excerpt]

He wasn't used to sex being this quiet or intense, but he wasn't surprised. Sam took everything too seriously; it made those rare bursts of shining joy almost too much for Dean to stand, even though he craved them the way he craved Sam's hands on him.

Serious was the wrong word though -- because Sam laughed easily in bed, said ridiculous things just to watch Dean blush or squirm, viciously used his long reach and longer memory to seek out every ticklish and weak spot Dean had ever failed to protect. There were a couple of pillows they were going to end up paying for and possibly one of the lounge chairs on the patio. Dean thought they ought to get a break on that -- everything was rusted from exposure to the salt air.

01 July 2014 @ 05:45 pm


Title: Art for "Where the Drifts Get Deeper"
Artist: artmetica
Characters and/or pairings: Dean and Cas, being couple-y
Rating: SFW
Warnings, kinks & contents:  None
Medium: digital
Short description: Dean and Cas, sitting together laughing while Dean hands over a newsprint-wrapped present.

Reccer's notes: I kind of love artmetica's stuff because her likenesses are great, and this is no exception. Aside from being technically gorgeous, the whole picture radiates warmth, affection and humor--and I'm no fan of fluff, so that should tell you something!
30 June 2014 @ 09:30 pm
New month, new reccers! Posting access has been removed, except for the July reccers who can, of course, still post.

This is our reccing team for July as of this moment:

Sam/Dean: callistosh65
Dean/Castiel: grasshopr_molly
J2: dansunedisco
Rarepair FPF:
Other RPF:
Minor characters:
Challenges: snickfic

If any of you want to sign up for the categories that still need a reccer simply comment to this post.

Reccers, remember that you have to join the community in order for us to give you posting access! :)

[ Jared/Jensen ]

Title: The World Where Yesternight You Died
Writer: tabaqui
Alternate links: AO3
Status of work: WIP
Characters and/or pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]None listed so far
Length: TBD
Summary: In the year 2294, Jensen is an elite soldier - an ArchANGEL, known and feared through the 'verse. Jared is an indentured 'employee' of the Company, indebted for his life and his continuing health and happiness.
They are both living with secrets that will cause their lives to intersect, and put them both on the path to exposing one of the biggest cover-ups in the 'verse.

Reccer's notes: I love science fiction and this story is right up my street. It's got a great Aliens and Joe Haldman's The Forever War vibe to it, dark, terse with lots of chatter going on on the com. Jensen leading a pack of battle hardened ArchANGELs, with a feral ease and cunning. Lovely tech bits and descriptions of their biomech and the drug cocktail that keeps them revved that totally immerse you in this world of genetically enhanced Angels as we follow Jensen's Nephilim into battle. A must read for anyone who loves scifi, but it's the relationships between the Nephilim, the easy camaraderie of soldiers at arms that really pulls you in and makes you care about all of them. Looking forward to how it all unfolds.

[Short excerpt]The kid stepped closer, out of shadow and into a spot of the watery blue-grey light, and Issac swiftly catalogued what he was seeing. Thin limbs, ribs prominent, legs bowed and the teeth that showed in the animal snarl discolored. He was naked - corpse-pale, speckled with bruises and scars. Most of his hair was hacked off in short, uneven tufts, but long locks over the ears and in a crest along the top of his head were plastered with what might be paint, might be...fuck, anything. Matted twists and spikes hung down past his shoulders.
His arms were wound with long lengths of wire, knotted around his fingers and twisted up to his shoulders, across and around his neck like some bizarre and barbaric ornamentation. He had a long piece of jagged, stained metal in one hand, the grip wrapped with strips of plastic. Issac had no doubt it could rip right through skin and muscle. Probably his damn suit, if the kid tried hard enough.

The eyes in the gaunt, smeared face looked...not entirely sane, over-bright and fevered, a glittering and disconcerting green. His gaze swept over Issac, head to toe, and he lifted the weapon up high, over his head. Issac braced for a leap - a rush - but the kid let out an inhuman bellow, and the mob behind him, behind Issac, quieted.
13 June 2014 @ 10:06 pm

[ open reccer ]

Title: Pinkdragonfly
Alternate links: "></a>here
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings:jared/jensen
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read] MtFtransitioning,bottom!jensen, body dysphoria, objectification
Summary: i> Established relationship. Jensen is a pre-operative male to female transgender on hormone therapy. Jared REALLY gets off on all the changes happening to Jensen's body.

Reccer's notes: This is a fill for spn_otpkink, and it is not the ordinary kink fill. By the end of the story, I feel as though I know Jenny and am on the journey with her. This is beautifully written.

[Short excerpt], Jenny used to say, in her head, to herself, that one day Jared would make the perfect boyfriend for someone. Funny, full of life, smart in that nerdy, sexy sense. Gorgeous on a thousand different levels, and just so so kind. Back when vitamins and lotion stuff meant Vaseline and fruit chewies, not a prescription for Estradiol and some Nair hair removal cream. Back when Jenny was just Jensen and Jared was his best buddy since the seventh grade.
13 June 2014 @ 06:28 pm

[ open reccing | rarepair fpf  ]

Title: Object lesson
Writer: Trojie/agenttrojie
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Rating: Explicit
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Dubious Consent, Hand Jobs, Power Imbalance
Length: 2158 words

Summary: After Changing Channels, Sam hunts Gabriel down again for information. What he gets is a lesson.

Reccer's notes: Trojie has written some lovely Wincest/other ship stories (which I recommend also) so when this Sam/Gabriel fic popped up, although it's not generally my bag, I gave it a try and I was very glad to break my habits for once. This isn't fluffy or light, it's a very old angel laying out the truth as he sees it about the difference between angelic and demonic possession, contrasted by a Sam who is shaking apart but still ready to fight. It's a lot of thought crammed into a relatively small amount of space, and I particularly like it for Gabriel who is very true to this point in canon - without hope, actively neutral and tinged with bitterness. The sex between them is sparse, hot and serves a purpose, and the ending ties back into canon -  the epitome of a missing scene.
06 June 2014 @ 11:47 am

[ open reccer/rps ]

Title: change of season verse

Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings:jared/jensen
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read] infedility,angst
Summary: i> How do you stop loving someone?

Reccer's notes: Jojo is one of my favorite writers and I want to share her work. Like all of her stories, this ‘verse makes me feel as though I’m eavesdropping on a private conversation and walking in the boys skins at the same time.

[Short excerpt], “’What is it?’ she said. ‘In him. What does he do that he breaks all of your walls so easily? How? Why? Is it because he’s a man? Or is it just… Jared?’”

05 June 2014 @ 07:29 pm

[ gen ]

Title: Fake Identity
Writer: borgmama1of5
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester
Rating: PG-13
Warnings, kinks & contents: none
Length: 9,540
Summary: When the show started, Sam hadn't hunted since he was 18, but he and Dean slipped into their routine use of aliases like it was old hat. But when did Sam learn how to do that?

Reccer's notes: This preseries features a completely adorable, whiny and smart 16-year-old Sam (she had me already with this much) but also a very busted up, yet acting all stoic, Dean and John, well, being John ... plus one heckuva pissed off ghost that isn't quite sure what he wants to be. Adds up to a delicious casefic.

[Short excerpt]Sam absolutely hated when they talked about him like he wasn’t here. Sam “The Invisible” Winchester. Or maybe Sam “The Deaf” Winchester. Didn’t matter that Dad was growling at Dean in his quietest growl, there was no place in the stupid ‘suite’ he couldn’t hear them.
05 June 2014 @ 07:26 pm

[ Dean/Benny ]

Title: Feel Like You Do
Writer: skeletncloset
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean/Benny. it's complicated? John/Dean UST, background Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Angst. Umm, that's it I think. Oh, and incest if it isn't obvious, allusions to underage prostitution. Daddy issues.
Length: 1,700
Summary: Dean doesn’t beg, even when he wants to, even less when he should.

Reccer's notes: First off, this girl can write. Her pen is like a razor blade creating these sharp, visceral images. I don't think I've ever seen anyone write Dean/Benny like she does, immediate, gripping, yearning. I hurt when I read how she writes them, it feels like I'm right there with every hurt, every desire Dean is experiencing. Her Benny is vast as the sea, calm and wise, understanding; giving Dean what he needs when he doesn't even know what that is himself.

[Short excerpt]Dean’s lip splits and bleeds into Benny’s mouth--his knee in Benny’s grip. Benny opens him wider, holding him down and keeping him open with his dick. And it’s more vulgar than it should be, half-clothed as Dean is, leather jacket under him and his shirt hiked up under his arms. It’s deep. Deeper this way, Dean on his side and Benny straddling his thigh, pushing Dean’s leg far enough Dean felt his own knee touch his ear once or twice.

And really, it’s all part of the same thing, getting fucked and fucking shit up. Links in a chain he’s been dragging around his whole life. It’s not like he can help it. It’s just something Dean does. Like breathing, eating, drinking. Like keeping Sammy safe and fed. Something that has always felt natural to Dean.

Benny gets him. Never taking more than Dean readily gives. Reading him in a way only predators can, looking for weakness, except Benny doesn’t exploit it like he should, just skirts around Dean’s issues and leaves Dean a little breathless and wound up, looking for a catch in this agreement they have going on. Dean doesn’t know what to make of it.

[ Jared/Jensen ]

Title: Red Like Blood In Veins Of Blue
Writer: golden_cyborg
Alternate links: AO3 -- not up to date
Status of work: WIP with regular updates
Characters and/or pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents: [
Click to read]Violence, MpregBottom Jared, Mildly Dubious Consent, Manipulation, Prostitution, Organized Crime, Mob Boss Jensen, Angst, Excessive smoking, Dark Jensen Ackles, Top Jensen Ackles, Obsession, Age Difference, Criminals
Length: 72,700 not counting timestamps
Summary: Jensen is a rising crime lord and Jared's the college kid who catches his eye

Reccer's notes: the gorgeous title alone should be enough to start reading this addictive gloriousness! this fic's been reccd here before however it now has its own awesome LJ community! It's where golden_cyborg's been posting the most recent ongoing kink meme fills (raw and unedited). You need to watch the community to be able to read the ongoing kink meme fills but please do consider becoming a member and joining the community too to get in on all the fun and excitement: Fic Timestamps and all kinds of gorgeous extras, playlists and picspams!
On July 12, it will be one year since golden_cyborg began to write Red Like Blood In Veins Of Blue and to celebrate we have a few things planned on the run up to the anniversary. On that date golden will be posting a fill and writing two Timestamps which readers will get to choose and vote on for the anniversary posting. The poll and voting closes on the weekend after June 9.
GO read the HOTNESS! I promise you will not be disappointed and do consider becoming a member and joining us over there, we'd love to have you! ♥

[Short excerpt]The prickling awareness of being watched made Jared look up to the balcony that curved around one end of the club and gave access to the roof, closed now due to cold temperatures. Other than the main bar, most of the light was centered on the stage, revolving in hectic patterns. The balcony had dim lights set low in the wall, leaving most of the occupants in deep shadow, but a pulsing strobe light lit up the man leaning one hip against the balcony railing. Light swept over broad shoulders under grey, tailored suit jacket, short hair, defined jaw. Dark-lashed eyes were fixed on Jared in a hooded gaze that settled like a hot hand on Jared’s skin.

In the three months he had worked at The Jade Room, Jared had seen more physical perfection, natural and artificial, than in his entire twenty-one previous. Models, aspiring actors and sports stars paraded through the doors each night, young, sleek and perfectly polished. The entertainers and staff at the club, Jared’s fellow waiters, were are all young and beautiful. But holy fucking hell, this guy was in a class all his own. Jared considered himself bisexual, had since highschool. He met as many girls he was attracted to as guys, but if he’d met someone who looked like this back when he was exploring it as a sophomore, he would have been 110% gay in three seconds flat, sparkly, pink unicorns included.

Mr. Perfect lifted the cigarette to his lips, never taking his eyes from Jared’s. His inhale hollowed out his cheeks and the cigarette glowed orange before he pulled away. Eye locked with Jared’s, he grinned, showing straight, white teeth as twin lines of smoke curled from his nostrils.

It was like something was being communicated, and Jared was unnerved even as he was lit up with a pulse of white-hot arousal. He suddenly realized he was standing dead still, bathed in shifting lights, breathing too quickly, a tray of shots and mixed drink neglected in his hands.
05 June 2014 @ 06:09 pm
Here's the monthly round-up for May, sorted by category. Thanks to the fabulous May reccers! *\o/*

MayCollapse )

June is open reccing month at rocksalt_recs, but we do still have open spots in the Rarest category. If you're interested in signing up for them, you can do that here. You can also sign up for July. We still need reccers for every category but J2 and Challenges.

[ gen ]

Title: Angels Aren't Good at Time
Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings: Sam, Dean, Cas
Rating: PG
Warnings, kinks & contents: none
Length: 678
Summary: Where the boys figure out that they've lost 2 years and it should be 2016...but it isn't.

Reccer's notes:Full disclosure: Many of you may know that hells_half_acre is the supreme chronicler of the Supernatural timeline (here at her journal.) She wrote this in response to my request for a fic that explains how, even though Dean spent a year with Lisa and a year in Purgatory it's still just 2014...

[Short excerpt] “Dean... did we... did we live 2010 twice?”
04 June 2014 @ 04:47 pm

[ open reccing ]

Title: Sleep warm
Artist: [deviantart.com profile] vongue
Characters and/or pairings: Sam
Rating: SFW
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]no warnings
Medium: digital
Short description: Sam asleep, arm slung over a German Shepherd

Reccer's notes: Awwww. Sam looking young and vulnerable and comfortable, cares of the world forgotten for a moment. Just beautiful work.
04 June 2014 @ 03:02 pm

[ Open Reccing ]

Title: Untitled
Artist: [tumblr.com profile] every-broken-bone.
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: sfw
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]Spoilers for S9
Medium: Digital
Short description: Demon!Dean and Sam

Reccer's notes: I've seen a lot of Demon!Dean art– alone and with Sam— in tumblr, but boy! this one is gorgeous and omfg there is demonic shotgunning, something I never thought I needed in my life until Silvia drew this. And then we get the blood!kink version too. Fucking hell, just go look at it okay, you won't regret it.
04 June 2014 @ 07:42 am

[ Sam/Dean ]

Title: athletic brothers
Artist: merakieross
Alternate links: [tumblr.com profile] merakieros
Characters and/or pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: SFW
Warnings, kinks & contents:  [Click to read]Siblings kissing
Medium: Digital
Short description: Nice shorts.

Reccer's notes: A schmoopalicious moment between the perfect pair -- yoga instructer!Sam and gym teacher!Dean
03 June 2014 @ 10:42 pm

[ open reccer ]

Title: avalanche

Status of work: complete
Characters and/or pairings:jared/jensen,jensen/danneel
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read] hurt!jensen,agnst
Summary: i>What would you leave behind to save your own life?

Reccer's notes: I just recently re-read this story and it still packs a punch. The writing is wonderful and relies on word building allowing the writer to create characters that are real, flawed and relatable.

[Short excerpt], "Jensen, you are an amazing actor. I mean, I get the job done but you...you do things, I don't even know how you're doing them. You've got...when this show's over, the sky's the limit for you, man. You could go all the way. I'm gonna see you collect an Oscar one day, Jen, I know I am. But not if this gets out. If this gets out, that's all anyone's ever gonna talk about. That's all we're ever gonna be, that's all you're ever gonna be. Everyone acts like they're all open-minded and shit but you know it's not like that. You want to throw everything away for this? Because I don't, okay? I don't. And I know you don't. I've got Genevieve, and she's crazy about me and you've got Danneel..."

[ moresome Jeff/Jensen/Idris ]

Title: It's Always the Quiet Ones
Writer: reggie11
Alternate links: AO3
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Idris Elba, and a brief mention of Jared Padalecki
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]Nothing you don't want to see : P
Length: 6,390
Summary: Jensen can't believe his luck. He's been selected to be part of a photo shoot for the world famous art photographer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who he's been a fan of for a few years. He, along with another guy, Idris, are being photographed for Morgan's upcoming exhibition. Jensen's career so far has been magazine and billboard ads, so he is thrilled to be part of something more artistic.

The shoot is going off without a hitch and he knows the shots will be striking, he's also pretty sure that he's not imagining the way Idris is flirting, or the way Jeff is eyeing him hungrily.

Reccer's notes: I'm reccing this not only because of the brain melting, smouldering hot threesome in the story, but for the sensual, beautiful descriptions of the photoshoot leading up to it. Like a spring being slowly wound tighter and tighter reggie11 carefully amps up the tension in this story. The resulting beautifully written three way (and how do you keep all those body parts straight?) is wonderfully inevitable with all that testosterone in the air.

[Short excerpt]The door opened and Jeff beckoned him inside with a wide dimpled smile. "Come on in, I'm just on a call at the moment, but Idris is already in the studio."

Jensen had a fleeting moment of panic. "I'm not late am I? You did say midday?"

"You're right on time. Go on through and I'll be with you shortly."

He felt his tension ease. Either Idris had arrived early or maybe Jeff had needed him for something. He felt a thrill again that he was a part of this. When his agent had told him that the Jeffery Dean Morgan had requested him for his new work, Milk and Chocolate, he'd been stunned. He enjoyed modelling, and many of the shoots he'd been involved with were creative, but this wasn't going to be photographs that would be in magazines or billboards to sell cologne or designer clothing, this was art – something that would be personally bought and put on display by art connoisseurs. Only the very wealthy could afford to buy a Morgan original. And before that they would be on display for a month long exhibition. It was kind of mind-boggling.

Jensen stepped into the studio where Idris was standing facing a large black and white print of one of the shots from their last session. In the photo they were dressed only in boxer briefs, Jensen in black and Idris in white, seated back to back, their knees bent and feet on the floor. It really was a breathtaking shot, their skin and underwear colors brought into even sharper contrast by the lighting Jeff had used.

02 June 2014 @ 10:52 am

[ Jared/Jensen ]

Title: Keep My Fingernails Clean
Writer: homo_pink
Alternate links: AO3
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Warnings, kinks & contents:[Click to read]underage, handwave-y techniques and aftermath
Length: 5,800
Summary: Jared's a teenage mortician secretly running the family's funeral home business when his ailing father can no longer do so. Jensen's a beauty pageant contestant who ends up on Jared's embalming table after he dies on stage.

Reccer's notes: Originally written for spn_cinema and inspired by Elvis & Anabelle.
I was a bit scared to read this in the beginning, I wasn't sure I was up for necrophilia and young J2, but the story wasn't about that at all and went a completely different and wonderfully tender route. As with all of homo_pink's work the writing is beautifully crafted with wonderfully well fleshed out characters that still feel like Jared and Jensen, but more. A gentle, quite story, hauntingly sad at times, but with a happy ever after. A must read!

[Short excerpt]Dad wasn't always sick like this, before.

There were times, good times, when he'd take Jared down to the pond in the evenings, when Jared was still really little, a tiny, skinny boy of six or so. They'd sit out on a couple of wide rocks, naturally sculpted into just-right benches, and point out flickering lightning bugs, make up silly stories about the shapes that star clusters made in the inked out sky. Jared's daddy was a lively man, serious and hard-working, but secretly funny in this special way he shared only with Jared.

They'd catch toads and crickets and little fuzzy moths, and Jared would give them all proper names – Sally the salamander and Gary G. Grasshopper – before they released them back out into the night on the walk home.

Better to never get attached, was how Jared understood it. Nothing ever lasts, being the silent fine print.

Jared never had any pets, and he never minded this, not once.

Dad was built of big bones, then, a looming stature that Jared was always awed by but never afraid of. He was grand and mysterious and he was every conqueror in every story Jared's momma would read to him before bed; he was every knight, every gun-slinging cowboy crusader, every Bo Duke a town could need on their side.

Joseph Padalecki, small-town mortician and father of one, was made of the very stuff superheroes were founded on.

Then one day out of the blue Momma got sick.