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[FIC] MuffyMorrigan: In Darkness Let Me Dwell

[ Gen]

Title: In Darkness Let Me Dwell
Writer: MuffyMorrigan
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Originals
Rating: T
Warnings, kinks & contents: [Click to read]This story contains disturbing images and references to drug use (forced), human sacrifice and torture. I promise you now, it is not death fic.
Length: 53,807
Summary: Bobby calls Sam and Dean for help hunting a demon that demands human life. When Dean becomes a victim, Sam struggles to save his injured brother before Dean is lost forever. Hurt!Dean. Dark fic. Not death fic

Reccer's notes: I first read this story probably two or three years ago and neglected to save it. There were scenes that were so memorable, that they haunted me. I actually found it while searching the author's other stories on the site. I started reading it and was so excited that this was the one I had bee thinking about! The case hits close to home for the brothers and it switches back and for between past and present before coming to a stunning conclusion. On the lighter side, the boys get a house, Dean wants to cook-out every night and bonds with a neighbor's dog.

[Short excerpt]Dirk held the blanket out. Sam looked at him for a long moment before taking the blanket and walking over to where the man was crouched against the wall. “My name is Sam. I’m here to help,” Sam said gently, pitching his voice low, talking to the man as if he were a terrified animal. Which is all he is now. Sam reached out to put the blanket over the man’s shoulders, wincing as the man reacted in pain, pulling away from the touch of the fabric. Sam pulled the blanket away and held it behind the man’s back, letting him get used to its presence. “It’s okay, we’re here to get you out of here.” He put the blanket back over the thin shoulders.

Moving slowly, Sam squatted down in front of the man, speaking in a soft sing-song, still keeping his voice calm, a hard lesson he’d learned these last weeks. He reached a cautious hand out, the man pulled away from the contact. Sam persisted, gently trying to get the man to look at him. He finally lifted the face up enough to look into the man’s eyes. The look he knew so well—feral, terrified, lost. There was no spark of humanity, empty eyes looking out of a human shell. There was nothing—nothing left to mark the man as ever having been a human being, no recognition of anything but pain, terror and never ending torture.

Sam’s heart stopped.

Oh my god.

Tags: *gen, *open reccing, ^fic, c: bobby singer, c: dean winchester, c: sam winchester, fic: 50-100k, t: amnesia/memory loss, t: casefic, t: hurt/comfort, t: illness/injury (temporary), t: torture, t: whump

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