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Rocksalt Recs

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rocksalt_recs is a community that recs fanworks based on the Supernatural TV show and Supernatural-related RPF. Since nobody can consume everything fandom has to offer, RSR relies on volunteers to supply members with recs from all over—from the most populated areas of fandom to the smallest and rarest of niches. Anyone who wishes to participate may do so, if they follow our guidelines.


We also have a Dreamwidth feed but please note that it is not being maintained.

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Almost every month we will host at least 3 recs from each of our categories. The volunteers who will be writing these recs are visible in our yearly plan. June and December are the exceptions; during those months, nobody has to sign up in advance and recs of any kind are welcome. For more information, please visit the following links:

[past recs]
[the queue]
[posting guidelines]
[yearly plan & signups]
( mods' spreadsheet )